Google Fi reportedly does not allow users to call poison control


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Given the amount of toxic substances in this world, which can move from everyday things like nail polishes to amazing things like houseplants, it’s pretty important that you can call them Poison control if you are exposed to something potentially toxic. Unfortunately, if you are a Google Fi user, this may not be possible at this time.

According to a report from 9to5Google, some Google Fi users reportedly are unable to redirect their calls to the poison control hotline – officially called the Poison Helpline – and receive a message saying, “Your call could not be completed while you were dialing.” Users are then instructed on how to contact Google Fi Customer Support. 9to5Google states that this problem has been going on for several months, citing various nor users who cannot access Reddit, as well as some disturbing experiences.

“I had the same fucking problem a couple of months ago when my daughter was sick and managed to take the baby off the top from a safe top [ibuprofen]. I had to call support to answer a bunch of questions, they must have switched some switch while I was moaning because I hung up and tried again and it worked … ”and wrote the user at the end of July.

Nevertheless, not all users on Reddit expressed problems with coming to the Poison helpline. Those affected were spread across the country and used Android and iOS.

The Poison Helpline is a free federal service that connects U.S. residents to local emergency poisoning centers and allows them to talk to pharmacists, nurses, doctors, or other poison experts. These experts will then tell you what you need to do and whether you need to ask for additional help.

The Directorate for Health Resources and Services, which oversees the program, explains that frequent calls involve people caring for young children. However, the agency claims that poisoning can happen to anyone, noting that most deaths from poisoning occur in adults.

Google told 9to5Google that it is aware of the problem and is investigating.

Gizmodo contacted Google to confirm the application and request a comment, but we did not respond at the time of publication. We will definitely update this blog if we do.

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