Apple is withdrawing the social application against wax due to misinformation


Mobile app stores are curbing the spread of one of the high-profile communities deformations against wax. Bloomberg reports that Apple removed Unjected, a hybrid social application and application for meeting the unvaccinated, due to an “inappropriate” reference to the concept and themes of the COVID-19 pandemic. While Unjected counts itself as a place to find others who support “medical autonomy and free speech,” social posts on the website include false claims that vaccines change genes, link to 5G, and serve as a “bio weapon”.

The founders of the app are also in conflict over their Android app. Google told Unjected on July 16 that it had two weeks to remove deceptive posts from its app to avoid a ban on the Play Store. Developers responded by withdrawing social channels. However, co-creator Shelby Thompson said Unjected planned to reject the request by returning both feed and offensive posts.

We asked Apple and Google for comment. Unjected still exists on Instagram despite the social network attitude against misinformation, although the report largely promotes his views on “freedom” and only occasionally mentions untruths, such as incorrect claims that mRNA vaccines alter DNA. We also asked Facebook for an answer.

It is injected little compared to conventional social networks, with approximately 18,000 application downloads (according to Apptopia). However, suppression clearly serves as a warning — Apple and Google will not tolerate applications that consciously accept and encourage the creation of anti-vox content, even if they do not produce that material directly.

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