Why it is necessary to tell the history of black Twitter


If you were on Twitter, then you were on Black Twitter. No other social media subsection has produced ideas and movements as influential or as dynamic as those emanating from black voices on Twitter. In the early days, it existed as a space where blacks could connect, beat up some jokes, and share their experiences. Over time, the Twitter community of Twitter has become a driving force for social change in the real world. This catalyzed the culture and led to important movements like #OscarsSoWhite, #MeToo and of course Black Lives Matter.

This week at Gadget Lab, we’re joined by senior WIRED writer Jason Parham to discuss his three-part oral history called “The Black History of Black Twitter,” what it means to be black online, and how black Twitter has changed society.

Show Notes

Read Jason’s oral history of black Twitter (Part I,, Part II,, Part III). Read also its cover page from September 2020 about TikTok and the evolution of the digital black face.


Jason recommends the show Jett on Cinemax. Lauren recommends the July 28 episode The Daily podcast, Saga of Congress, January 6th. Mike recommends Summer of the soul and Hulu.

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