This week’s best deals: $ 150 off Apple’s MacBook Air M1 and up


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As July draws to a close, numerous laptops, headphones, games and more have started to be sold on the web. Students plan their own shopping list for going back to school Have a few ways to save on Apple products – the latest MacBook Air M1 costs $ 150 on Amazon (that’s better than Apple’s educational discount), and the iPad Air also has a $ 100 discount. All the capacities of Samsung’s portable SSD T7 have been reduced, so you can get it for as little as 70 USD, while Microsoft’s Xbox Ultimate Game Sale reduces up to 80 percent of console and computer titles. Here are the best technology offers from this week that you can get today.

MacBook Air M1

The latest MacBook Air M1 has been reduced on Amazon to $ 850 or $ 150 less than the regular price. The 512GB model has the same discount, so you can get it for $ 1,099. It is one of the best laptops for most people and is a great option for students returning to school. Air M1 earned: result 94 from us because of the incredibly fast performance, great keyboard and trackpad, good battery life and lack of fan noise.

Buy MacBook Air M1 (256 GB) on Amazon – 850 USD Buy MacBook Air M1 (512 GB) on Amazon – 1,099 USD

iPad Air

The latest iPad Air is up to the best price we’ve seen, only $ 500 for the base model. It’s $ 100 cheaper than the usual price and is a lot for what we think is the best iPad for most people. We gave the plates a grade 90 due to its fast performance, fast WiFi, healthy battery life and support for the second generation Apple pen.

Buy iPad Air (64 GB) on Amazon – $ 500 Buy iPad Air (256 GB) on Amazon – 639 USD

Buy iPad Air (64 GB, mobile) on Amazon – 629 USD Buy iPad Air (256 GB, mobile) on Amazon – 780 USD

AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro they are resold for $ 190 or $ 60 at the usual price. While it’s not at a record low, it’s still one of the best prices we’ve seen all year. AirPods Pro has earned: result 87 due to improved sound quality, comfortable fit, solid ANC and IPX4 water resistance.

Buy AirPods Pro on Amazon – 190 USD

10.2-inch iPad

Apple’s 10.2-inch iPad it is still on sale at $ 299, or $ 30 at the regular price. It is probably the best iPad for new tablet owners as well we liked it improved performance, familiar design and support for the first generation of Apple pens.

Buy a 10.2-inch iPad on Amazon – $ 299

Mario Kart live: Home circuit

Nintendo Mario Kart live: Home circuit


Nintendo Mario Kart live: Home circuit the game for the Switch dropped to $ 75, or $ 25 less than the usual price. This additional set allows you to bring the Mario Kart action into your actual living room, creating your own race tracks and zooming in using a small kart run by Mario or Luigi.

Buy Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit on Amazon – $ 75

Samsung T7 SSD (500 GB)

Samsung T7 SSD


Samsung’s portable SSD T7 in 500 GB has been reduced to a record low of $ 70, or $ 30 less than the usual price. Other capacities are for sale – you can get them 1TB model for $ 150 ia 2TB model will refund you $ 300. We like these drives because of their portability, durable design and fast performance.

Buy Samsung T7 (500 GB) on Amazon – 70 USD Buy Samsung T7 (1TB) on Amazon – 150 USD Buy Samsung T7 (2TB) on Amazon – 300 USD

Echo buds (second generation)

Amazon Echo Buds (second generation) review

Billy Steele / Engadget

The latest Amazon Echo Buds are on sale for $ 80, which is the discount we last saw during Prime Day. You can also get the buds with a wireless charging case for just $ 100. We gave this a grade 80 for improved sound quality, good ANC and a smaller, comfortable design.

Buy Echo Buds at Best Buy – 80 USD Buy Echo Buds (Wireless Charging Case) at Best Buy – 100 USD

Echo Show 5 (first generation)

Amazon Echo Show 5

Nicole Lee / Engadget

Amazon’s Echo Show 5 first generation returned to its lowest price of $ 45 at Best Buy. If you’re looking for some sort of smart alarm clock, this is the best option if you’re already using Alexa as your primary voice assistant. The second-generation Echo Show 5, which came out recently, has a few minor differences, but we think the first-generation remains a solid purchase — especially half the original price.

Buy Echo Show 5 (first generation) at Best Buy – 45 USD

Xbox Ultimate Game Sales

Xbox Ultimate Game Sales


Microsoft Xbox Ultimate Game Sales it still lasts, discarding up to 80 percent of console and computer titles. On the console side you can get FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition for 25 USD, NBA 2K21 for 15 USD, Battlefield 1 Revolution for $ 8 and up. And for PC gamers you can get one Gears 5 for 16 USD, Yakuza: Like a dragon for 36 USD, Control for $ 15 and up.

Buy Ultimate Sale Sale at Microsoft


A bunch of Roku devices are sold on Amazon, including Roku Streambar, which is a record low of $ 99. This compact soundbar is a handy device you want to get if you want to upgrade your home theater system without spending a ton of money. We gave him a result 86 due to space-saving design, Dolby Audio support and built-in 4K streaming technology. If you want to spend even less, a few Roku streamers are discounted, including Express (25 USD) i Streaming Stick + ($ 39).

Buy Roku Streambar on Amazon – $ 99 Buy Roku Express on Amazon – $ 25 Buy Roku Express 4K + on Amazon – 29 USD Buy Roku Streaming Stick + on Amazon – $ 39

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

The Thermapen Mk4 has dropped to $ 69 as ThermoWorks makes room for new ones Thermapen One thermometer. The Mk4 is the best instant reading thermometer we’ve used so far — the backlit display makes reading easier in almost any situation, and the screen rotates depending on how you hold the pen. Plus, you never have to remember to turn it off because the pen automatically turns on when you pick it up and will turn off after a while without use.

Buy Thermapen Mk4 at ThermoWorks – 69 USD

Comic-Con 2022 prize game

You can enter until December 8 win four-day passes for San Diego Comic-Con 2022. In addition to passes, you’ll get access to a special review dinner, a reserved seat in Hall H, a personal doorman, a private tour of the Comic-Con Museum, a dinner in Balboa Park, and tickets to the “Night at Comics” Con Museum Museum event. Admission is free, but funds from this sweepstakes will go to a San Diego comic convention.

Enter to win the Omaze

Virgin Galactic prize game

You can win in this Omaze sweepstakes two seats on one of the first Virgin Galactic flights into space. In addition, with Richard Branson you will embark on a tour of the spaceport of America in New Mexico. You don’t have to pay to enter, but the funds from all the paid entries will be supported by Space for Humanity, an organization that hopes to make the space more accessible to all.

Enter to win the Omaze

Prize games for PC games

He pays homage to another $ 20,000 to build your top gaming computer. Participation in this sweepstakes is free, but funds donated to purchased enrollments will benefit Schools on Wheels, an organization that provides free teaching and mentoring services to children experiencing homelessness throughout Southern California.

Enter to win the Omaze

Prices and availability are subject to change. No donations or payments are required to enter or win this sweepstakes. See the official rules of Omaze.

New technological offers


DJI’s OM4 The gimbal for smartphones is currently lowered to $ 20, which has lowered it to $ 129. It uses triple stabilization that lets you record smooth videos with your smartphone, and the new, magnetic quick release makes it easy to insert and insert your phone into it. It also supports motion control and Active Track 3.0, which allows you to attach to the subject you are recording with greater precision.

Buy DJI OM4 on Amazon – 129 USD


Mirror summer sale throws out $ 400 from a high-tech fitness system when using the code JULY 400 at the box office. The discount is reduced to $ 150 on the mirror device itself, plus free shipping and installation. Just know that only the product is on sale, not the subscription required to attend fitness courses for the Mirror.

Buy a mirror – 1.345 USD

Arturia Destination: Sound sale

Arthur’s house 50 percent discount all of its individual software titles by August 8th. This means that some of our favorite music software, including Pigments and Analog Labs, can be purchased for $ 99 each. This is a good opportunity to add cheaper new synthesizers and other software instruments to your collection.

Shop Arturia for sale


One of our recommended VPNs has good sales with a two-year subscription. You can sign up for NordVPN for just $ 89 in the first two years, which is $ 44.50 a year – and an additional summer promotion adds three free months on top of that. We like NordVPN because of its speed, non-logging policy, thousands of servers from which to choose and one account that supports up to six connected devices.

Apply for NordVPN (two years) – $ 89

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