Tesla will pay $ 1.5 million to resolve complaints about the reduction of the Model S battery


Back in 2019, Tesla push updated an update of its Model S sedans after an incident in which a vehicle caught fire in a parking lot in Hong Kong. As CNBC notes, it was then said that the update will revise the “charge and heat management settings” on Model S and Model X vehicles to “help further protect the battery and improve battery life”. Some S model owners claimed, however, that the update reduced their maximum battery voltage, prompting them to take Tesla to court. The carmaker has now agreed to pay $ 1.5 million to settle a class action lawsuit against him.

According to Reuters, court documents show that the software update hit 1,743 Model S sedans in the US. The voltage limit was temporary, but prosecutors experienced a 10 percent battery reduction in three months and a seven percent reduction in another seven months, prosecutors’ lawyers said. Tesla unveiled the latest update that completely solved the problem in March 2020. Among the affected vehicles, 1,552 regained their maximum battery voltage, while 57 vehicles replaced the batteries. The settlement documents say that any vehicle that still has problems with attenuating the battery will eventually regain maximum voltage.

Although the company agreed to pay $ 1.5 billion, a huge part of that would be used to cover attorney’s fees: owners are expected to receive only $ 625 from the settlement. Affected owners in Norway could receive a much higher salary after a court in the country ordered the company to pay them $ 16,000 each to settle a lawsuit on the same issue. In the U.S., in addition to agreeing to pay, Tesla has also agreed to provide diagnostics and notifications related to car batteries under warranty whenever they may need battery repairs.

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