Amazon’s first-generation Echo Show 5 is back at the lowest price on Best Buy


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Amazon ‘s first generation Echo Show 5 dropped out up to $ 45 from the original price of 80 USD before Prime Day in June. If you missed the opportunity to get an Alexa drive smart screen at a discount, however, you now have the opportunity to get it: It’s available again for $ 45 on Best Buy. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen for the device, even on Amazon, where it has sold for about $ 50 in recent months. It’s also $ 40 cheaper than the second-generation 5 Echo Show, which isn’t that much different from the first-generation device anyway.

Buy Amazon Echo Show 5 first generation at Best Buy – 45 USD

As we mentioned in our review for newer smart screens, the changes are pretty small. The second-generation Echo Show 5 has a 2-megapixel camera instead of a one-megapixel one, and in addition to black and white, it also comes in light blue. However, it still has a much lower resolution than the Echo Show 8 and does not support much larger smart screen capabilities.

If you don’t mind the difference in a one-megapixel camera and the lack of additional color, you can easily get the 5th generation Echo Show. Its 5.5-inch screen has the same 960 x 480 resolution as its newer counterpart, has a fabric-lined speaker and has several clock dials to choose from. The device supports Amazon Prime, NBC and Hulu, so you can use it to watch shows as well as view pictures and videos.

However, if you feel that its screen is too small for serious drinks, you can also use it as an alarm clock with several dials to choose from. It even comes with a sunrise feature, which slowly illuminates the screen fifteen minutes before your alarm to mimic the effects of daylight. Although the device is not available in blue like its newer brother, you can get “Charcoal” (black) or “Sandstone” (white) color options at Best Buy for $ 45.

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