The cat simulator “Stray” will launch on PlayStation and PC in early 2022


Last time we saw He got lost either in the form of a cinema trailer In 2020, Sony shared a film that highlights a futuristic setting soaked in neon and adorable feline hero. At the time, we were unable to see the game in action, a fact that Annapurna Interactive has now corrected. The publisher shared some footage of the gameplay from the title during its recent presentation and said it would be released He got lost sometime in early 2022.

In the introductory moments He got lost, our feline hero finds himself injured and separated from his family. The game involves using his physical abilities as a cat to move around and solve puzzles. In a long tradition of duos like Ratchet and Clank, halfway through the adventure, you will encounter a drone named B-12. They will allow you to talk to other robotic residents of the city and communicate with certain objects in the area. The cat has a playful side to his personality and you can do things like scratching furniture, interacting with vending machines and rubbing against the legs of the robot you meet. Good stuff.

When He got lost coming out next year, will be available on PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC. Developer BlueTwelve Studio has promised to show more games before then.

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