‘Sound Shapes’ creator Jessica Mak is making a game with Annapurna Interactive


The last time Jessica Mak released the game was in 2012. when they worked with Sony ‘s Santa Monica Studio on the creation Sound forms. The game has become one of PlayStation Vita’s prominent gems, thanks in part to an unforgettable soundtrack featuring contributions by Shaw-Han Liem from I am a Robot and I am proud known, Indie Game: Movie composer Jim Guthrie and Beck.

After almost a decade of publication Sound forms, Mak is working with Annapurna Interactive on a new project, the publisher announced on Thursday during the developer’s presentation. The game does not yet have an official name or release date, but Mak has shared some details about the project.

Like Everyday Shooter i Sound forms, music will play a central role in that experience, and one of the reasons why Mack took a break from making games was to become a better musician. “Music is just as important to me as part of the game,” Mack said. They described the game as an action-adventure experience that they hope will surprise players.

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