The NBA works with iHeartMedia to produce over 20 basketball podcasts


The National Basketball Association is teaming up with iHeartMedia for a significant new shift in the podcast market. Overall, the two organizations plan to co-produce more than 20 shows as part of a new multi-year partnership, and the first will debut sometime this fall.

Aside from content dedicated to the latest league news, player analysis and comments, it sounds like iHeart and the NBA want to replicate the success of projects like . They say they will use material from the NBA archives to retell stories about “some of the greatest moments in sports history.” We don’t know yet what exactly they planned in that regard, although iHeart and the NBA have promised to share more information soon.

“The partnership gives the NBA and its teams access to the huge range of iHeartMedia on multiple audio platforms, including podcasts, streaming and radio shows, as well as the opportunity to develop a new list of groundbreaking shows each year,” iHeart said.

Podcasts, especially those related to sports, have become a big deal in recent months. In late April, DraftKings to secure distribution rights to Show Le Le Batard with Stugotz.

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