How to watch the launch of the American spaceship Rocket Lab


The is preparing to launch a research and development satellite on Thursday with help . Company it is planned to launch from a location in New Zealand sometime between 2:00 and 4:00 ET (18: 00-20: 00 local time) to launch the Monolith satellite into low Earth orbit.

The goal of the mission, called “Here is Little Chile” (reference to the green Chile from the house of the Space Program in New Mexico), is to test small satellites for the Ministry of Defense. Monolith will help you determine if there are large sensors that can be applied. Such sensors make up a significant share of the total mass of the spacecraft. Because the sensor can change the dynamic properties of the spacecraft, the mission will examine whether it is possible to maintain altitude control after the sensor is placed.

“Analysis of the use of deployable sensors aims to enable the use of smaller satellite buses when designing future sensors that can be applied, such as weather satellites, thus reducing costs, complexity and development timeframes,” Rocket Lab . “The satellite will also provide a platform to test future space protection capabilities.”

You can watch the launch while this is happening on . The transfer can also be available at .

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