The U.S. government is selling the one-time Wu-Tang Clan album “Pharma Bro” by Martin Shkreli


Back in 2015, before really became A Thing, Wu-Tang Clan sold the only copy of the album for a reported $ 2 million at auction. Buyer, , a former CEO of pharmacy and convicted of dirt .

Perhaps better known as Pharma Bro, Shkreli became notorious for buying and raising the price of the life-saving AIDS medication Daraprim from $ 13.50 to $ 700 per pill. He was later convicted of securities fraud and conspiracy charges against securities fraud and sentenced to seven years in prison. A $ 7.4 million confiscation order was also handed down against Shkreli, and the government later seized the property to comply with the verdict – including the album.

It all brings us to this day. Once upon a time in Shaolin. Prosecutors did not say who bought the album or how much they paid, but the sale covers the remaining amount that Shkreli owed to the government.

So, after three years of imprisonment in the federal treasury and almost four years owned by the weasel Shkreli (which is before it was closed), the album was again privately owned. Although album clips Unfortunately, you probably shouldn’t expect Spotify to hit soon.

One of the conditions for the auction sale was that the buyer could not use it for commercial purposes until 2103. It is unclear whether this provision still exists, but Škrelija was allowed to play it at parties for listening. Maybe a new owner Once upon a time in Shaolin i will feel generous enough to play it somewhere for Wu-Tang fans. In the meantime, what’s the way things are, .

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