The Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport headphones offer better grip and wireless charging for $ 349


In March, Master & Dynamic unveiled its best true wireless headphones to date MW08. As the company did its MW07 model, the second version of the MW08 debuts today. The MW08 Sports offers all the features that make the MW08 so good, including 12 hours of battery life, excellent sound quality and enhanced Active Noise Canceling (ANC). This new Sport option is made of a variety of materials, has multiple ear tips in a box, and comes with a wireless charging case. However, the extras cost $ 50.

Instead of the combination of ceramic and aluminum we saw on the MW08, the MW08 Sport pairs metal accents with sapphire crystal. Master & Dynamic says the new material is scratch and shatter resistant, which the company claims allows these headphones to “withstand any training”. Like the previous version, the MW08 Sport has an IPX5 rating, which means they should withstand sweating without a problem. There are also some changes in the case of charging the MW08 Sport. The company’s famous shiny stainless steel was a magnet for fingerprints and it didn’t take long for it to start showing scratches. This material has been replaced with Kevlar fibers, so the case has a more tactile soft coating with a black-gray pattern. And, of course, it should be more durable.

Master & Dynamic

More importantly, the included case now supports wireless charging, which is probably the primary cause of the price increase. As you might expect, Master & Dynamic has made its own pad that supports this feature, an accessory that will be introduced along with the MW08 Sport for 69 USD (69 € / 59 £). The company says wireless charging of the case itself will give you 50 percent of the battery in 30 minutes, and a full charge will take just over an hour and a half. Compare that to 15 minutes to half or an hour to fully charge using a USB-C cable. The charging times of the headphones in the case are unchanged compared to the MW08: 50 percent for 15 minutes and an hour for full charging.

The last big change for the MW08 Sport is the selection of ear tips. Like the MW08, Master & Dynamic offers you five sets of silicone tips to help you find the best fit. For the Sport model, the company also inserts two sizes of foam tops that offer a safer fit for workouts. Based on my experience of using the MW08 Sport from the last week, the foam tops are also more comfortable than the silicone options.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport

Master & Dynamic

Inside, the MW08 Sport is unchanged from the MW08. The headphones have 11mm beryllium-coated drivers to power their stellar sound. Dual ANC mode returns, giving you the ability to block as much of the world as possible (ANC Max) or setting for “less noisy” spots (ANC all day). Two ambient sound modes of the company have also returned, one dedicated to conversation, and the other suitable for more general use. The only bad thing here is that you still have to choose your ANC and ambient sound mode in the Mater & Dynamic app. The built-in controls do not rotate between the two, but activate your last choice when you turn on noise cancellation or ambient headphone mode.

Battery life is also unchanged, and that’s a good thing. The MW08 Sport offers 12 hours of battery life on the buds themselves with an additional 30 hours in the charging housing.

New materials, extra ear tips and wireless charging bring the MW08 Sport costs up to $ 349. That’s $ 50 more than the MW08. In addition to black and white colors that are similar to MW08, navy green is also available on the MW08 Sport. Both new earrings i wireless charging pad (MC100) are available today on the company’s website.

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