Intel will produce chips for Qualcomm as part of its ambitious foundry plans


Earlier today, Intel introduced detailed plans for its future chip technology, describing how it plans to catch rivals TSMC and Samsung by 2025. It has also revealed that it will begin building chips for Qualcomm using its first new transistor architecture in ten years. In addition, the company will supply its packaging technology to Amazon for its AWS data centers.

Intel’s biggest technology leap will come in 2024 when the company introduces its RibbonFET and PowerVia technology (below). RibbonFET will be a new type of “all-around-around” transistor that delivers faster switching speeds on a smaller scale. Meanwhile, PowerVia will be a rear-end power system, “eliminating the need to direct power to the front of the board” and making the chips more efficient.

Intel will produce chips for Qualcomm using that 20A process technology, though it has not said which products it will produce and when. Qualcomm currently uses multiple foundries to make its Snapdragon processors and other chips, which are mainly used in smartphones and other portable devices.

CEO Pat Gelsinger first presented ambitious Intel foundry plans earlier this year as part of the company IDM 2.0 strategy, saying it would invest $ 20 billion in two factories in Arizona. Now he has to fulfill that if he wants to continue building own chips, let alone products for companies the size of Qualcomm and Amazon.

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