Top 10 Gaming Headphones for Switch, PC, Xbox, PS5 and PS4 (2021)


I complain quite a bit about the “gamer” aesthetic, but in the case of the JBL Quantum One, the ostentatious design and lighting pay off handsomely. These headphones are very expensive, but are designed for people who have fully set gaming desktops and want the best, deepest sound during play (or listening to music while working, like me). First and foremost, the sound is amazing. The wide, expansive soundstage and deep rumbal bass make it perfect for video games or consuming any type of media.

At this price, in addition to superior sound, you get several more functions. These headphones offer surround sound, so when you set them up with JBL software, they track the position of your head. If you turn away from the computer, the volume decreases. Surround sound also creates a deadly, sometimes overly stimulating gaming experience. They also have active noise cancellation and an extremely clear microphone. The only thing I don’t like? Exterior design. If they were a little underrated, these would be my everyday headphones that I wear every day.

Just a cable. Works with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, Switch and PC. Surround sound on computer only.

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