The magnetic helmet reduced the deadly tumor in the first world test


We saw helmets i DO who can spot brain tumors, but a new protective hat can also treat them. As part of the latest neurological breakthrough, the researchers used a helmet that creates a magnetic field to shrink the deadly tumor by a third. A 53-year-old patient who underwent treatment eventually died of an unrelated injury. But an autopsy of his brain showed that the procedure removed 31 percent of the tumor mass in a short time. The test marked the first non-invasive therapy for a deadly form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma.

The helmet has three rotating magnets connected to an electronic controller based on a microprocessor powered by a rechargeable battery. As part of the therapy, the patient wore the device for five weeks at the clinic and then at home with the help of his wife. The resulting magnetic field therapy created by the helmet was initially given for two hours and then increased to a maximum of six hours per day. During this period, the patient’s weight and volume decreased by almost a third, with shrinkage appear to correlate with treatment dose.

The inventors of the device – which has received FDA approval for compassionate treatment – claim that it could one day help treat brain cancer without radiation or chemotherapy. “Our results … open up a new world of non-invasive and non-toxic therapy … with many exciting opportunities for the future,” said David S. Baskin, correspondent and director of the Kenneth R. Peak Center for Brain and Pituitary Tumor Treatment at the Department of Neurosurgery. at the Houston Methodist Neurological Institute. Details of the procedure were published in a peer-reviewed journal Limits in oncology.

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