The leak in the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 hints at a massive camera upgrade


Microsoft Surface Duo pulled out the disadvantage of delivering outdated specifications at top prices (among other wrong steps), but that may not be true to continue. Windows Central shared a Tech Rat Leaks are reportedly showing images of the Surface Duo 2, and they suggest that Microsoft is dragging its two-screen Android phone into the modern era. Most importantly, the rear camera with three sensors is noticeable – you wouldn’t have to use one camera for everything. toilet understood that these were standard, telephoto and ultra-wide archers.

The leak also shows the Surface Duo 2 in hidden black, and suggests that Microsoft pulled the fingerprint reader from its original location and moved it to the power button.

Although little can be seen of the two screens or the interior toilet and previous leaks indicate a much-needed leap to modern hardware. Microsoft will equip the Surface Duo 2 with a model Snapdragon 888 chip, 5G and NFC. In other words, old parts with obvious flaws are no longer used.

toilet claimed that Microsoft would launch Duo 2 sometime in September or October. Not sure what the price would be, but Microsoft lowered the original price from $ 1,399 to $ 999 just months after its release, and is available for $ 650 as we write this. The company is clearly aware that the first Surface Duo has scared away potential customers and probably won’t want to repeat that mistake.

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