‘Death Stranding’ has sold five million copies since its launch


Whatever you think Death stranded as a game, it was obviously a commercial success. Jay Boor, head of Kojima Productions, told GamesIndustry.biz u interview that the sci-fi courier game sold five million copies on the PS4 and PC.

It’s not as strong as Metal gear solid V, which transferred six million copies to the first few months after his debut in September 2015. However, Death stranded it was also a brand new franchise that relied heavily on Kojima’s reputation (plus some famous actors) to wind up players. Five million sales is no feat in that context, especially when other legendary game developers he fought without the support of their most renowned development teams.

The timing for these figures is no accident. The studio uses sales numbers to build hyper for Death of stranded directors comes in PlayStation 5 in September. At the same time, they suggest that Kojima Productions won’t disappear any time soon – at least, as long as Kojima’s fan base (and his keen eye for cinema) remains intact.

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