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Adrien Brody holds a lantern in a dark room on Epix's Chapelwaite.

Turning on the lantern Captain Charles Boone (Adrien Brody) is surrounded by darkness Chapelwaite.
Picture: Chris Reardon / Epix

Back in May, we had a decent look at Adrien Brody new series Chapelwaite,, adapted from a short story by Stephen King (appears in the collection Night shift) Thanks for a bunch of pictures published by Epix, as ia teaser. Prospects? Gloomy, gothic and dripping with fear. Today’s San Diego Comic-Con @ Home panel revealed even more about what to expect from the 10-episode series.

Here quite detailed synopsis ffrom epix press releases:

Located in the 1850s, Chapelwaite follows Captain Charles Boone (Brody), who moves his family of three children to his ancestral home in the small, seemingly sleepy town of Preacher’s Corners, Maine after his wife diesat sea.Howev is,Charleswill soon have to confr to have secrets from the poor history of his family, and fight to stop the darkness that has plagued Boone for generations.

[Emily] Hampshire plays Rebecca Morgan, an ambitious young woman who left Preacher’s Corners to attend Mount Holyoke College and returned home with an advance to write a story for the new and prestigious Atlantic Magazine. Her writer’s block rises when Boone arrives in town with her children, and despite her mother’s protests, Rebecca applies to be the governor of the infamous Chapelwaite estate and the Boone family to writeabout them. In doing so, Rebecca will not only make the next great Gothic novel, but will unravel the mystery that has plagued her own family for years. “

The SDCC 2021 panel featured Brody and Hampshire, as well as executive producers (and brothers)Jason and Peter Filardi. First: sorting out that semi-confusing title. “Many people often make mistakes Jerusalem plot for perhaps a cousin or brother [King’s vampire novel] Salem plot, but they are actually quite different. Jerusalem plot took place in the 1850sMaine,and mostlyit isjust a series fromletters between Charles Boone and his friend Bones, noting Charles Boone comes to Maine and takesg over this ancestral homeland he inherited, ”Jason Filardi explained.

“It’s wonderful to look back at the story after we recorded this, because there’s so much tonal I think Peter and Jason caught and managed to infuse all these other elements as well, ”said Brody, who later remarked that he had wanted to play a character like Boone for a long time before joining the project. .The beauty of St.ep chicken He wrote that it is so cinematic and visual and you really feel the tension and that premonition … [in this story],, when things start to unravel for characters, [the setting of a superstitious small town in the 1850s] j mouth it fasten in a way that feels very sincere and inevitably. I think it’s really fun for the audience to jump in – a second time and then to witness all these people who are really helpless. “

Although her character is notu Jerusalem plot narrative ,, Hampshire (Schitt’s Creek) had its own way of tying Rebecca to the source material . “She is not in [original] story and she writes this gothic novel, and I just always thought of her – as if she were Stephen King was a woman in the 1850s, he would be Rebecca Morgan, ”the actor said. “She’s a modern woman … especially educated at the time … questioning things, sheI think he comes in and shakes things up. “

Tthe threat faced by the characters (other than human things, including racist city dwellers who are not welcome towards Boone’s mixed race children) u Chapelwaite is initially intentionally vague — isn’t it ghosts? Mental illness? Worms? (The series apparently contains a a lot worms.)The executive producers teased the slow-motion production that won’t let the audience know what’s going on before the story demands revelation.“Horror or antagonist is a kind of interpersonal horror or threattoevolves, or evolves, as the case may be, and goes even further and evolves into a kind of cosmic horror, which is very lovingaftian obviously [as it is] in a short story.“Peter Filardi explained. “It simply came to our notice theninteresting over 10 hours, it’s funsomehowchange the face of the antagonist. “

Chapelwaite arrives on August 22 at Epix.

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