The Magic Team reveals how the DnD set was made


Wood keeper Drizzt Do'Urden and his black panther Guenhwyvar jump into action against the flame-breathing dragon.

Drizzt Do’Urden and his companion Guenhwyvar go dragon hunting.
Picture: Magali Villeneuve / Wizards of the Coast

This week, a Magic crossover literally decades in the making: Adventures in forgotten realms, the first great crossover collectible game with its playing brother or sister Dungeons and dragons. But a long way to what could be done inevitably for fans, whereas two game legends are subsumed under the same company, was actually marked by a few moments of hesitation.

Magic: Gatheringfrom a comic book from San Diego Panel @ Home 2021 is perfectly timed for Friday’s release Adventures in forgotten realms, as a boss Magic designer Mark Rosewater sat down with the set’s chief designer, Jules Robins, to lift the lid on why it took so long Magic: Gathering i D&D to unite in such an important way – and what all needed to be overcome which was originally a much more distant connection. “1998. year, the Wizards of the Coast bought TSR[[[[Gary Gygax the original table company that published Dungeons and dragons]… and one of the big concerns at the time we bought the company was, both of our big properties were fantastic, and we were a little worried that they couldn’t confuse each other, “Rosewater said at the SDCC virtual panel.

It was that fear in the beginningd to Magic i D&D establishing a somewhat unspoken cordiale antante – “don’t cross streams,” as Rosewater said. But over time, that is likely to change.Magic he would head here and there, and in the end, D&D author of the original books James Wyatt would come to Magic team and work on the maps set up art books that eventually tiled Planeshift a series of digital accessories, short setup guides D&D campaigns in Magiccountless multiverse of existential planes. But even as D&D team dived even further into providing Magic-thematic content,, Magic the team itself remained distant. It seems not because of a lack of desire, but because of a longing to go out as much as possible.

Announcement Universes Beyond project – a new, separate branch Magic products unveiled earlier this year that will accept crossovers with others media properties like Lord of the Rings i Warhammer 40,000 (that is, ironically, Adventures in forgotten realms actually no longer a part)“It was the final pressure.” Magic the team really only needed to do what had long been wanted: a Magic / D&D set. But even then, the process was a learning experience for the team. In the beginning, we were like “A”all right, we have Core Set 2021 a year before, and this will be Core set 2022‘,’ Said Robbins. “Instead of something different [Magic] the mechanic is coming back, it will be Dungeons and dragons setting up … we started with that, we made a bunch of simple ones Magic elements capture cards [the setting], and just felt too normal Magic set and did not reward people who had been for many years D&D fans … it seemed like it didn’t pay off enough. “

It was necessary Magic the team goes to D&D team to roll the ball Magic truly embracing the crossover: just like many Magic the sets are thematized to a specific plane in the multiverse setting, a D&D set should be set u the world of RPGs. With the setting in place, Magic the team gained experimental pressure, pushing the mechanics of the game to include as many of them as possible D&D traps as much as possible – with cards framed like a dungeon master setting up a scenario for adventurous fun to the enchantments they allow players to adopt D&D class, leveling to give more thematic skills and cards on which players are asked to perform the most experienced, the simplest D&D tasks, such as rolling D20.

Putting your experiments in front of players of different knowledge of any of them Magic,, D&D, both, or not at all, tim fast discovered that board game rules are not necessarily required Magic. “Transience [from player feedback] is that we must capture the ethos D&D“Robins concluded.” Reading and playing these cards should have made you feel like the emotions around you. Dungeons and dragons. ”Rosewater added, “It would be fine if it played like that Magic, bbut it had to be really challenging – it had to to feel as D&D. ”

You can find out for yourself how far he went by catching that feeling –Adventures in forgotten realms is now available for purchase. You can view the entire Comic-Con panel built up above.

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