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A blood-faced zombie looms before the bright sky on Day of the Dead.

Initial zombie loans in George A. Romer in 1985 Day of the Dead.
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Even the toughest horror fans can be forgiven for forgetting it (or not being aware of it at all) George A. Romero‘s Day of the Dead becomes a TV show. It was first announced in February 2020 and, lo and behold … a a lot has happened since then. But today’s San Diego Comic-Con @ Home panel, featuring the first trailer from the Syfy series, aimed to get a new look at the zombie classic in the spotlight.

Right towards the stick, the title of the panel – “Day of the Dead: Customizing the Legend ”- highlighted that everyone involved realized they were working with a a beloved genre trait, adapting a third film in the esteemed Romero trilogy that also includes Night of the Living Dead i Dawn of the dead. When the show is announced, Deadline reported would be followed by an “intense story of six aliens trying to survive the first 24 hours of the invasion of the undead,” a loglin that suggested it would not be taking the story inspiration from Romero’s 1985 film (which is set in a military base amid the chaos of an ongoing zombie outburst).

That’s basically all that was known about the series, except for the casting, until today’s panel – which featured showrunners Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas, director Steven Kostanski (Void)and actors Keenan Tracey and Natalie Malaika. The panel had a brief peek at the show (see to begin at 1:55 below) which revealed this Day of the Dead a modern story that takes place within one day in one town-wthe sick have a little more comedy than we expected.

“Night of the Living Dead was in68, and we are yet, every time zombies show up, we talk about Romer, “Thomas said of the show’s inspiration.” He identified what we know today as a modern zombie Night of the Living Dead, and then Dawn of the dead i Day of the Dead and everything else. And he did it in a way that also added social commentary, it talked about the timing of these films – yyou know, they’re classics … every zombie movie or TV show or graphic novel owes Romer his legacy. “When given the opportunity to create a new story in Romero’s world,” Elinoff said, they felt two things: “Immeasurable excitement … and a sense of responsibility because weyou take over someoneis a legacy and here it is an opportunity to do something really special, and you don’t want to screw it up. ”

The show wants to strike a balance between paying homage to Romer and the original Day of the Dead film and his characters (there will be Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the series) as you bring a fresh perspective to the material –no small feat considering how many zombie-themed projects we’ve seen over the years. “I am a great horror a fan, ”Thomas said. “I think so wsomehow took inspiration from many moments in zombie history, how somehow introduce zombies that maybe not currently on TV? We made the decision to go with slow zombies … and we also wanted to go, this is not necessarily an epidemic that turns everything into zombies; these are the dead coming back to life. So what’s going on here are the dead crawling out of the graves. In the morgue, the dead come back … these are really the dead who get to their feet and then come to eat everything.

Day of the Dead also sets some of the established zombie “rules” – for, for example, shots to the head (movement since then Night of the Living Dead) will not kill theasy, and zombie bites may not have the same contagious quality we are used to seeing. “You have to worry about that: these are the animals that want to kill you,” Thomas explained. “To me, that’s what’s scary about zombies … that they want to tear you apart.” And it sounds like it won’t be missed; as The SDCC council spoke happily, you can expect to see blood and in abundance – including many practical effects –when the show arrives later this year.

Day of the Dead, which will last 10 episodes, arrives this October on Syfy.

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