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Lucifer (Tom Ellis) participates in the training of swords in martial arts in the fifth episode of Netflix’s Lucifer.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) practices fencing in the fifth season.
Picture: John P. Fleenor / Netflix

The long awaited the other half Lucifer season five arrived on Netflix at the end of May, so there is not much for The DC Comics show is faithful besides endlessly marveling at the sixth season, the last episode of the series. This was also known by the San Diego Comic-Con @ Home panel show, which focused its program on Luka fans.

Tom Ellis, the insolent devil himself, sat down with Lucifer executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich to get acquainted with what follows (in a clever twist, Luke Cook, who played Lucifer in different Netflix series—Sabrina’s Cold Adventures—hosted the panel). The fifth season, which aired in two parts thanks to extended delays related to covid, explored the very complex dynamics that emerged when the weary God (Dennis Haysbert) visited Earth and announced his intention to retire, which prompted his sons Lucifer (Ellis ) and Michael (also Ellis, with an American accent) to fight over who will get the gig as a replacement. In addition, there were various others Lucifer tricks – including the deaths of some key characters, musical numbers and romantic get-togethers, and even time for a little crime-solving and glamorous shots of Los Angeles along the way.

“It’s so useful because we’ve been sitting in this story and on this road for so long, and finally yes was share with everyone and see everyone’s reactions and just enjoy how it turned out and the amazing performanceThere were them on the screen– it was wonderful,Henderson said he finally launched the rest season five in the world. Here’s a whole panel featuring some spoilers if you haven’t watched the entire fifth season.

Inside are five fun things about the fifth season – the music episode is getting a lot of attention –aand great props for Lucifer because you actually took the time to include some fan questions in the panel (even that they are “which character would you most like to play other than Lucifer? ” diversity). But the news of the sixth season was the main draw, and the panel announced that it would arrive surprisingly on Netflix coming soon: September 10th. Other details were less specific – the favorite guest star will return; Amenadiel (DB Woodside) will continue with the new one career in LAPD; i Ona (Aimee Garcia) could finally to understand the truth about Lucifer.

Whost of the hen Cook, asked if Lucifer would really have all the powers of God, as suggested by the fifth season of the fifth season, Henderson held it vague: “I think it will be one of the first questions our characters will ask when we start season six. “

“In season six, he has to solve a few mysteries,” Ellis said of his character. “He’s grown a lot and he’s still in the process of growing up, but I think it’s that classic thing to watch what you want.” Because he yes he was convinced of a lot of things during the fifth season, but when something you think about really happens, it often feels very different. So that’s the kind of puzzle Lucifer found himself in, in the sixth season. “

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