GM is suing Ford over the name of its hands-free driving feature


Ford might be excited about that BlueCruise hands-free driving technology, but GM is less than thrilled about it. The Detroit Free Press i The Verge report that GM has sued Ford for allegedly violating the trademarks of both rivals Super Cruise feature and its autonomy Cruise company.

GM has had mediated talks with Ford to reach a “benevolent” arrangement, according to DFP sources. The two sides reportedly failed to agree before the July 24 deadline, however, which sparked a lawsuit. A GM spokesman said the company “had no choice but to sue Ford after it tried to resolve the dispute“ amicably ”.

A Ford spokesman, meanwhile, claimed GM’s lawsuit was “unconditional and frivolous.” People realized that “cruise control” was short for cruise control, Ford said, and BlueCruise was ultimately the “next evolution” of its intelligent adaptive cruise control function. The carmaker added that GM does not seem to have a problem with naming schemes of other brands, such as BMW’s Active Cruise Control and Hyundai’s Smart Cruise Control.

Attention to Ford is not surprising. Both companies see hands-free driving as a major selling point for their cars completely self-driving long-term goal. It’s also no secret that the two Detroit brands have long been a fierce rival – neither Ford nor GM will want to cede land, at least not soon. We wouldn’t be surprised if the lawsuit ended in a settlement, but not before the companies traded some verbal beatings.

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