AMC’s Ultra City Smiths Stop-Motion footage on SDCC 2021


The old baby doll has been converted into a gray shirtless detective in AMC’s stop motion series Ultra City Smiths.

Ultra City Smiths
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At today’s San Diego Comic-Con @ Home, AMC Ultra City Smiths The panel showed some new recordings for potential fans – recordings that you have to see with your own eyes because honestly … WTF. And I think that in a good way.

Ultra City Smiths has, let’s say … an interesting premise using a babydoll and stop-motion animation create a wacky procedural comedy. The AMC series follows the mysterious disappearance of a wealthy and beloved resident, Carpenter K. Smith. Detective David Mills, a rookie in the police force, takes on the case to fight corruption in their city, but as he goes deeper into the rabbit hole, he becomes more and more voracious.

Kristen Baldwin, a television critic for Entertainment Weekly, moderated the SDCC 2021 panel with the cast and crew that included creator / director Steve Conrad, co-director David Brooks and Jimmy Simpson star (Westworld). Right outside the door, Baldwin – like many of us – wanted to know what the idea was for Ultra City Smiths came from. Conrad explained that his friend was dealing with artistic children’s dolls and that his imagination went wild from there. “I’ve been trying for a very long time to find an aesthetic for animation, which is so important if your show can convey the hard work and production of a show with stop the movement”Says Conrad. “This in particular felt like a new way to look at adult life – like adult entertainment for ex-kids.”

Detective David Mills (Simpson) is new to Ultra City and it makes sense to sing … and lose his shirt. The actor described his character as someone who copes with stress in an unusual way, but has a heart of gold. “Detective Mills is a novice and has big plans. He gives his heart and soul to the police – especially now that there is a big problem to be solved – and a lot of engagement. “Simpson went on to say something about his character that surprised the panel,“ It’s one of the finest characters I’ve played and it’s a baby doll! ”A baby doll with a shadow at five o’clock, which you can see in all its glory in the new trailer below :

Co-director David Brooks went on to explain how Ultra City Smiths is made. “Steven and I work so hard in advance to fix the storyboards, but it all starts with voice, then animation, and time to achieve storytelling. All of these things eventually culminate on a set with an animator and it’s already magic. We could just stick a doll in front of the camera and turn it on, but with the voice recordings and the way we arranged it, the animators merge. “

The half-hour series was created by Steve Conrad (Patriot), which also serves as a showrunner. Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (Robot Chicken) will perform as one of the show’s many producers. You can look at the whole thing Ultra City Smiths panel below!

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