Women’s football is coming to ‘Football Manager’, but it will take time


Football Manager the Sports Interactive programmer has a history inclusive play, and this now applies to women as well. It’s a company discovered to add his women’s football (also known as football) to his management sim. This is likely to be a “multi-year” project, SI warned, but this is also not a simple replacement for the character model. The studio wants to offer the same depth it has for men’s sports, taking into account the differences between players and leagues.

There will be new models and databases, of course. However, SI noted that it must take into account different league rules, gender differences in text translations (the most expensive part of the project), and adjustments to different player attribute systems. The company must also decide whether to take into account certain practical realities of women’s football or not, at least initially – does it take into account menstruation and pregnancy, for example?

The team recently hired coach and research expert Tina Keech to lead his women’s football efforts, and they are already in the process of filming the movement.

Expansion is likely to prove expensive. SI expects the addition of women to “cost millions” and is looking for sponsorship deals that could help fund the project. However, the company believes that there is a moral imperative to add women to the game – it wants to “break” the glass ceiling for women’s football and help it attract the same attention paid to men’s leagues. In other words, Football Manager will be part of a larger campaign for sport equality that includes games like FIFA as well as better TV coverage a real world match.

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