What Bezos’ big day means for commercial space flight



This week, Jeff Bezos flew into space. Or, at least high enough in the sky that it can technically count. While his ten-minute ride in the Blue Origin rocket was largely meant to draw attention to his space tourism company, the former Amazon CEO also has bigger ambitions. He wants to usher in a new era of space colonization, with the ultimate goal of creating a new home for humans in space.

Of course, being the richest person in the world and the former boss of one of the largest retail companies on the planet, it means that he directly contributed to some of the biggest problems in society. But Bezos seems to believe that in order to save the Earth, we must leave it.

This week at Gadget Lab, we were joined by WIRED Editor-in-Chief Steven Levy to talk about Jeff Bezos ’big day and what it means for the future of humanity.

Show notes

Read Stevenovo dispatch on Bezos‘rocket launch. See also his title story about how Bezos wants to leave Earth forever. Also, Richard Branson went into space, you know.


Steven recommends the book Wally Funk’s space race. Lauren recommends the show Hacks on HBO Max. Mike recommends Mighty Vibe audio player.

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