The parade of nations at the Olympic Games in Tokyo had a sound recording for video games



The opening of the Olympic Games in Tokyo started early this morning, and the parade of nations, where athletes walk through the Japanese Olympic Stadium, had a Japanese turn. The mixed music of the video games, orchestrated, created the soundtrack for the parade.

It all started with the main theme from Dragon Quest – which directly sounds pretty Olympic – followed by hits from Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Nier, Sonic, Chrono Trigger and, uh, eFootball. (It is new name for Pro Evolution Soccer,, in case you missed it.)

There are some notable flaws – no Nintendo song (Pokemon? Mario? Zelda?) Is the biggest – but some Street Fighter II the songs may have fit well into the competition theme. Maybe the latter was too violent?

The hike isn’t quite over yet, but we’ll try to embed the video here whenever we can. The U.S. will be the third to last country to hold the march, as it will soon host the LA Olympics. You may be able to capture the final parts of the march NBC live stream.

Nikkan Sports offers a complete list of songs here. We hope that our kind soul will make a playlist for Spotify. Please?

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