The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics included a light display with 1,800 drones



There may not have been fans at the Olympic Stadium, but Japan still found a way to put on a show to open the 2020 Summer Games. The host country was early enchanted by the procession of nations, which presented an orchestrated soundtrack for video games, and then showed the kind of creativity for which he is known for the performance in which he participated Olympic pictograms. But Tokyo saved the biggest spectacle for the end.

Towards the end of the ceremony, a fleet of 1,824 drones soared into the sky above the Olympic Stadium. Originally placed in the symbol of the 2020 Games, they took the shape of the Earth before a performance of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” which Hans Zimmer reworked for the Olympics, was played across the stadium.

We have already seen depictions like this. In Super Bowl LI 2017, a pre-recorded segment contains 300 Intel drones the formation of the American flag interrupted Lady Gaga’s effect at half-time. Technically, the drone emission that happened over Tokyo is not the biggest ever. Earlier this year, that difference belonged to a 3,281 views The Hyundai-owned car brand was set up in Shanghai, China. But even with fewer drones involved, Tokyo’s drone emissions were still impressive.

If you missed the opening ceremony, you can watch out again at 19:30 ET NBC.

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