Relax behind the wheel of Mercedes autonomous Drive Pilot



The dream of autonomous driving everywhere is still far away. But Mercedes will soon launch Drive Pilot, its Level 3 autonomous driving system in Germany on the S-Class and EQS. We had a chance to test the system on the car manufacturer’s test track, and while it was doing what it was supposed to, it was hard for us to turn off the driver’s brain while we were behind the wheel.

The system operates on motorways at speeds up to 60 km / h (37 mph). It is basically for everyday commuting. But during that time the driver may stop paying attention and Mercedes is responsible for everything that happens. This does not mean that you can take a nap, the vehicle still monitors the driver using the monitor in the car and requires the driver to pick it up when moving faster than 37 km / h, an emergency vehicle appears, rain or other situations the vehicle is not designed to handle. But you can play Tetris and send messages to people. That’s fun. Watch our video for the full story.

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