Activision Blizzard executors are responding to a lawsuit for harassment and discrimination



California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) against Activision Blizzard this week for alleged sexual harassment and discrimination against women. In a letter received from staff , President of Blizzard Entertainment wrote that “allegations and injuries of current and former employees are extremely worrying”.

Brack wrote that everyone should feel safe in Blizzard and that it is “completely unacceptable for anyone in the company to face discrimination or harassment.” He noted that people need the courage to come forward with their stories, and that all requests submitted to the company are taken seriously and investigated.

“People with different backgrounds, views and experiences are key to Blizzard, our teams and the gaming community,” Brack wrote. “I despise ‘fraternal culture’ and I’ve spent my career fighting it.”

, DFEH has made a number of charges against the former senior creative director Alex Afrasiabi. The agency claimed that Afrasiabi was “allowed to engage in overt sexual harassment with little or no consequences” and suggested that the activity was an open secret.

Brack is said to be among those who were aware of Afrasiabi’s alleged actions. DFEH claimed that Brack “allegedly had several conversations with Afrasiabi about his drink and that he was“ too friendly ”towards employees at company events, but gave Afrasiabi a slap on the wrist (i.e., verbal counseling) in response to those incidents . ” After those alleged conversations, Afrasiabi “continued to make unwanted advances towards the employees,” including groping one of them, according to the lawsuit.

DFEH claimed that a Blizzard employee informed Brack in early 2019 that people were leaving the company due to sexual harassment and sexism. The employee reportedly said that the women on the team were “subjected to derogatory comments”, that “the environment is similar to working in a fraternal house” and that women who were not “big players” or “at a party”. they were “excluded” and treated as outsiders. “

Activision Blizzard denied the allegations. The lawsuit is alleged to have “included distorted and in many cases false descriptions of Blizzard’s past.” The company also accused DFEH, which had been investigating Activision Blizzard for two years, of “shameful and unprofessional” behavior and claimed the agency had not made a “good effort” in resolving the complaints before resorting to legal action.

“The recent lawsuit presented a distorted and untrue picture of our company, including factually inaccurate, old and out of context stories – some from more than a decade ago,” wrote Fran Townsend, executive vice president of corporate affairs for publishers. letter to employees. Some Blizzard employees “feel” that note, .

Townsend, a former national security adviser to President George W. Bush, who joined Activision Blizzard this year, said “today’s Activision companies, the Activision companies I know, are great companies with good values.” Townsend also claimed that Activision Blizzard “takes a firm approach to inappropriate or hostile work environments and sexual harassment issues” and that the company “has made a tremendous effort to create fair compensation policies that reflect our commitment to equal opportunities.”

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