Twitter Spaces may soon offer voice manipulation effects


Twitter canceled Fleet, but did not give up the sound. A new voice manipulation update is reportedly under construction for Spaces, a Clubhouse-style chat room introduced in December. The so-called “Voice Transformer” was first posted by social media researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who tweeted that it will allow you to change the pitch or add an echo to the sound. Shortly afterwards, software miner Steve Moser – who recently jumped to fame by digging up a new one details o Netflix gaming feature – revealed several different effects. The list includes Bee, Cartoon, Helium, Incognito, Karaoke, Microphone, Phone, Space, Stadium and Stage.

If make people tweet bio slogan, convincing them to talk is probably even harder. In that sense, the voice distortion feature can make reluctant users or those self-conscious about their voice make Spaces try. The silly nature of some of the effects could even help create a less serious and hopefully more attractive environment.

It is also a feature that many people will be familiar with when they encounter voice filters Snapchat. The word about updating Twitter Spaces arrives just like that The clubhouse became wide and soon after Spotify itself spread to voice chat with its Greenroom application. Not to mention, Facebooks launch a clone of the Clubhouse. All four platforms will have to keep things fresh if they want to win the audio chat.

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