Twitter is starting testing Reddit’s vote button on iOS



Some Twitter iOS users can see a new button that looks like Reddit’s vote button in people’s responses. It’s part of the social network’s latest experimental feature designed to give it a better insight into what responses users find relevant in a conversation. According to Twitter support announcement, the goal is to be able to collect enough data so that the platform can work on ways to present more relevant answers. For example, in long threads, the best answers don’t always show up right away and can be buried under a ton of other people’s tweets.

Random testers who get the feature can see different versions of the same. Some may see buttons for and for, while others may only see a bounce button right next to Twitter’s heart / like option. The third version will instead show the testers thumbs up and down. The number of rejected responses will not be visible to the public, and the rejected users will only be visible to them. Meanwhile, positive voices are portrayed as likes.

Right now the votes won’t change the order of the answers similar to how Reddit buries the answers that get a bunch of votes against. As Twitter user researcher Cody Elam explains in a series of tweets, the purpose of the experiment is not to embarrass users, but to give “people the power to privately express their opinion on the quality of responses” and give the company “more nuanced” feedback. He added: “We hope to learn more about the quality of the responses people vote on and if voting is a trait that people consider valuable.”

This isn’t the first time Twitter has started testing a feature similar to Reddit. A few months ago, the social network started experimenting Facebook style emojis reactions that included both for and for buttons.

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