The long-needed recording function of the Serato Studio has finally arrived


Serato’s creative audio ecosystem continues to grow with the latest update of its digital audio station (DAW) for Serato Studio. Serato Studio 1.6 it appears in public today and, most importantly, adds the ability to record audio directly to the app, with some changes to audio monitoring tools and the addition of a built-in virtual audio driver. While the update isn’t entirely with a host of new features, these few changes make a difference in the world for both producers and musicians and DJs.

You can use an external input or even just an internal microphone to record sound. This accommodates professionals and beginners with little or no equipment other than laptops. During recording, even in loop mode, your continuous session is maintained throughout. This allows you to try different versions of licking your guitar or vocals in one shot that you can later reduce to the best segment. You can edit recordings in clips, use different parts throughout the project or even layer them into different effect keys.

Serato Studio 1.6 also stores recordings in your library for use in other projects. You can take a vinyl sample directly into your project and analyze the files, they will instantly match them to your current BPM. There’s also key detection for recordings, which can help keep your vocals in place.

Those who use third-party applications or live broadcast you will be happy to learn that you no longer need plug-ins to make sound available to other apps. Serato now includes its own virtual audio driver for input and output channels, and even works on Big Sur.

As always, the Studio is great for those using a Serato DJ and controller, but now that sound recording has been added, it has the ability to stand on its own as a production tool. It is also very intuitive and opens up many possibilities for creative expression without having to jump over obstacles. New users can run the tapes in minutes (seriously), and professionals can sketch the tapes or quickly complete complete projects.

Serato Studio 1.6 is available for download today and as always there is a limited free version to test. You can open all the options and access tons of sounds and patterns choose from a monthly subscription of $ 10 or purchase it directly for $ 199 (including all updates for version 1).

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