Pro Evolution Soccer will become an ‘eFootball’ in the free play shift



Konami’s cult Pro Evolution Soccer the series tries new tactics in its endless duel against FIFA. To stand out from its bigger rival, the football franchise adopts a new name, eFootball,, and free play on consoles, computer and mobile device.

Clearly, this is not a one-off. Konami has rebuilt the game using the Unreal engine as part of the transition to providing digital services. The biggest change in gameplay is the new “motion matching” technology designed to make player animations more realistic. Players will choose between different movements in real time during matches. Considering the original Pro Evo gameplay to be different from FIFA, the matching movement can prove to be a “make” or “break” feature.

As you would expect from an F2P title, eFootball will receive new updates regularly after launch this fall. Konami, however, will have to walk cautiously. Games free games have attracted the rage of players and regulators equally because of their exploitative nature, which is best summarized prey boxes which cost real money. The last thing the floor planner wants is to subvert the name Pro Evo. Maybe that’s why he’s changing it.

But the news is likely to raise alarms for fans. Konami said only “local matches” featuring FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus, FC Bayern, Manchester United and others “will be available free of charge at launch. Although certain game modes will later be sold as an optional DLC, “giving players the freedom to make an experience” that suits their interests. There is a high risk that Konami is investing in the renewal of the franchise as a regular feature in student dormitories and day care centers around the world.

The game will appear in early fall with an intergenerational pairing between the current and latest generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Later in the fall you can expect a way of team building in a managerial style, an online league and a system of passing games that rewards you with items and players. At the same time, a multi-platform game between consoles and computers will be introduced. In the winter, there will be support for a mobile controller, full cross-play, including mobile devices, and the launch of professional and amateur eSports tournaments.

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