Watch Ubisoft unveil Tom Clancy’s new game at 14:00 ET


Ubisoft does not set all of its Tom Clancy strategy Rainbow Six extraction. It’s a company reveals Tom Clancy’s new game at 2pm East, and the premiere can be viewed here through the video below. The company didn’t say much in advance, other than calling it a “wild” experience, but a short clip (also below) already talks about what to expect.

For starters this doesn’t seem to be the case Heartland Division. Instead, this would be a competitive team multiplayer shooter that looks like it’s set up Divisionheading for New York, along with traces of the murders and the target of the escort. It is not necessary to subvert on existing hot games like Evaluation, but we would also not count on a completely original attitude. This is the company with which it belatedly jumped into the battle of the royals Hyper Scape, after all.

Ubisoft has hinted at this multiple times Divisionrelated games were in preparation. In this regard, this mysterious title is only part of a much larger planned wave. The only question is whether these early projects will be popular enough to justify the rest.

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