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When Google introduced a new TV cover last year he promised to bring a modern interface to Chromecast and later-launched devices. It has also caused a lot of confusion about what will happen to the Android TV operating system, which runs hundreds of models of laptops, TVs and more. Those older devices didn’t get a new Google TV interface, but the company started releasing some updates that made Android TV look more like the new layout, including refreshed layout and Detection tab. Today, Google is adding new tools to Android TV to make it feel more like Google TV: a watchlist, setting recommendations, and a detail page.

With this update, you can now add titles to your watchlist via Android TV, either by pressing select and pressing “Add to watchlist” or by pressing the watch option on the show details page. You can also add the list from your phone or laptop via Google search or in the TV application. Saved items will appear in a row on the Discovery tab.

The company has also refined the details pages of each show by adding trailers that play automatically when you dive deeper into each title, similar to the way services like Netflix are set up. You can turn them off in Settings (under the Home screen in Device Settings by disabling “Enable video views”).


You’ll also find a new way to tell Google what you like (and hate) in your home screen settings – look for Content Settings and scroll through the titles that appear. In addition, there is a tab on the Discovery tab that says “Improve your recommendations” that will allow you to adjust your settings, and for each show you can choose between “Like this more” or “Like this less”. When you’re done, the system will update its suggestions for you on the Discovery page.

Those who already use Chromecast with Google TV these features will be familiar to them, and those with older Android TVs don’t have to wait long to get them. Google said that the updates will arrive on Android TV devices “earlier this week”.

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