Google Maps shows users a “potentially fatal” route on Ben Nevis


In this May 2000 photograph, sheep are grazing at the foot of Ben Nevis, Scotland.

In this May 2000 photograph, sheep are grazing at the foot of Ben Nevis, Scotland.
Photo: Lisa Marie Pane (AP)

A few years ago, instead of taking my best friend and me along a beautiful and picturesque Spanish mountain trail, Google Maps took us to an isolated field with cows. While I was learning then They do not trust the internet when it comes to nature, it seems that an increasing number of visitors Scottish Mount Ben Nevis continues to do so, which could endanger their lives.

In recent days, the United Kingdom charity John Muir Trust and Mountaineering Scotland, the national representative body for hiking, mountaineering, climbing, and snow sports tours warned to hiking trails to I’m Nevis, Scotland’s highest mountain at 1,455 meters, which is provided by mapping applications, could put people at risk. The organizations specifically listed the route listed on Google Maps, which directs users to the parking lot led by Glen Nevis.

The app continues with a dashed line that appears to show the way to the top of the mountain, according to the John Muir Trust and Mountaineering Scotland. They said it was the way to go appears depending on how someone searches for a route, noting that it appears when users click on the car option on Google Maps.

“Even the most experienced mountaineer would have difficulty following this route,” said Heather Morning, a mountain safety advisor in mountaineering Scotland, in news. “The line passes through very steep, rocky and roadless terrain where even with good visibility it would be difficult to find a safe line. Add a little cloud and rain and the proposed Google line is potentially fatal. ”

Gizmodo contacted Google for comments on the route shown at the top Ben Nevis, but did not receive a response until the moment of publication. We also approached Apple to ask if Apple Maps shows the same or similar dangerous routes. Gizmodo will update this blog if Google or Apple contact us.

U statement to CNN on Friday, a Google spokesman said it was a company examining routing problems in Ben Nevis and surrounding areas. On Saturday, the company told Yahoo News UK that he updated his driving routes to take people directly to the mountain visitor center, from where the official route begins.

“Our driving instructions currently direct people to the parking lot along the Nevis gorge –the plot closest to the top – which has prominent signs indicating that the trail is very dangerous and only for advanced hikers, “said a Google spokeswoman. “To help both beginners and experienced hikers find it easier to find trails that match their level of expertise, we are now updating our driving routes to take people directly to the visitor center, where they will be able to talk to staff about the best trail to take.”

The company added that it welcomes the feedback from mountaineering groups.

It seems that Ben Nevis is not the only mountain where Google Maps shows dangerous routes. Mount Scotland claims that the route offered by Google is to Mount An Teallach in that country “He would take people across the cliff.”

Morning said many people visit Ben Nevis they don’t know where to get reliable information and believe that Google Maps, which took them from home to the foot of the mountain, can take them to the top as well. However, this is not the case.

“It’s too easy to assume that the information on the Internet is all good, accurate, up-to-date and secure,” she said. “Unfortunately, experience shows that this is not the case and there have been a number of incidents recently when the following routes downloaded from the internet resulted in injuries or worse.”

The John Muir Trust and Mountaineering Scotland has recommended people considering hiking the Ben Nevis or any other mountain or hill cross to check the data on the map (the one not called Google). In addition, the organizations pointed out that individuals can turn to a local guide.

Given that Google Maps would have sent his best friend and i would have gone further, instead of down, our mountain after the incident with the cow had it not been a useful stranger, I heed that advice.

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