Japan breaks the Internet speed record with 319Tbps data transfer


The an internet speed record of many gigabits from a decade ago they now seem quite inadequate. Motherboard reports held by scientists from the Japan National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT) crushed record internet transmission by mixing data at 319Tbps. In context, it is almost twice as fast as the 179Tbps team of British and Japanese researchers in August 2020.

NICT has succeeded in the feat by upgrading virtually every phase of the pipeline. The optical line had four cores instead of one, and the researchers fired a laser with a comb of 552 channels at several wavelengths with the help of rare earth amplifiers. Although the test was strictly limited to the laboratory, the team used a coiled fiber to transmit data over a simulated distance of 1,864 miles without losing signal quality or speed.

As with many of these experiments, it could be a long time before this performance has a significant impact. Although quad-core fiber would work with existing networks, the system could be very expensive. You are more likely to apply the initial use with internet backbone and other large network projects where capacity is more important than cost.

This could still affect your internet usage. NICT researchers imagine that their next-generation fiber generation technologies are “more practical than 5G” (like 6G) more practical. You will see the benefits simply by switching to faster Internet access that does not suffocate when it reaches a large number of users.

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