FightCamp Review: Open the way to fitness with home boxing training


This was followed by 15 minutes of combinations and burning of the shoulders and lungs, speed of work, as well as basic strength and leg movements. The training had a lot of variety, and the stroke counter was a great motivator for moving faster and investing more work.

The workouts had the feel of my two-hour workouts at a boxing gym in Virginia, condensed into routines under 30 minutes. Despite the shorter time, every part of my old workouts, from technique training to speed, strength, and basic work, had a certain representation in each FightCamp session.

The trainings are very motivating, and five coaches (four men and one woman) are an excellent encouragement. In addition, trainers promote the excitement of training to users, making the exercise much more fun than exhausting. To try it, check out the free workouts FightCamp publishes on its website.

Get in the ring

Boxing can feel intimidating, even if you don’t face an opponent. The terminology and the appropriate form can seem incomparable to someone who is new to it. FightCamp training simplifies the sport for beginners with well-explained movements taught by real fighters. Trainings range in skills and fitness levels, from beginner to advanced, so you can grow your skills over time.

Pre-recorded workouts can be transferred from iPhone to a compatible TV.

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In addition to beginners before training, there is a whole category of short instructional videos that will guide the user through the fine points of boxing and kickboxing, from the proper shape of individual punches and punches to how to pull a punch. For example, in that video, coach Aaron Swenson says, “Let them miss, and you’ll make them pay,” which was one of my favorite sayings of my own boxing coach.

As of this writing, the FightCamp app is only available on iOS devices, so if you have an Android phone, you’re out of luck. (However, iPhone owners can sync their FightCamp workouts with the Apple Health Kit.) Another hiccup: To weigh a heavy bag, fill its base with water, so if you don’t have access to a hose, your first workout will be a few hundred laps from the sink or tub. kantom. Even when the base was full of water, I found myself pounding it pretty, but I’m a pretty big hitter. Adding a little sand to the substrate and then filling the rest of the water with water gave enough weight to keep the bag stable, but it was hard work.


When I was growing up, boxing was my primary way to compete and stay in shape for football and wrestling during the off-season. Training helped with strength and endurance, and coordination and improved reaction time boosted my performance in every other sport. FightCamp manages to conduct my two-hour workouts and summarize them into manageable workouts of 15 to 30 minutes.

Most of all, the joy of hitting a heavy bag is cathartic in a way that can’t be compared to other workouts. After a few rounds with FightCamp, all the aggression you gained during the trip to work or the work day simply burns out. There is also something very empowering in learning how to hit or shoot well and listening satisfactorily thwap when you land on a solid hook. You don’t have to be a sociopath to enjoy knowing you can protect yourself, and even if you never need to throw a blow in self-defense, it’s good to know that you could and if you had to.

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