Syfy Horror Series, The Return of the Assassin Doll


Chucky the doll grins, planning a murder in this close-up from her new series.

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Screenshot: Syfy / USA

First announcements for Don Mancini Chucky series it is only 20 seconds long, in front of a full trailer that will be unveiled next week during Comic-Con @ Home. But it gives us everything we want, namely: the dazzling return of OG Chucky (with his cult laugh that reminds us of Brad Dourif re-expressed the character), which looks like new and does not waste time arming itself with the nearest butcher knife.

This is right why it should be very be careful when picking random creepy dolls at garage sales! But as it turns out, there’s more to it than that. While you don’t get too much about the plot from the short clip below, Mancini talked more about it Chucky in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. “The main character is a 14-year-old gay boy who was abused and somehow lost after the recent death of his mother,” Mancini told EW. “He is a young artist [making] sculptures with doll parts. He finds Chucky on sale in the backyard and buys him, but it turns out he gets a lot more than he asked for. “

Although Mancini explains that the main characters of the series will mostly be teenagers (Zackary Arthur plays a young artist), it will also feature some of the favorite faces of fans from Chucky’s past. Along with Dourif who voiced the toy killer, the show will star Chucky’s original enemy, Alex Vincent, as well as Fiona Dourif (Chucky’s Curse, Chucky’s Cult)Christine Elise (Children’s game 2)and Jennifer Tilly (Chucky’s Bride, Chucky’s Seed, Chucky’s Curse, Chucky’s Cult).

“One of the things we’re proud of, and I think makes our franchise unique, is that we’ve spun a relatively consistent and coherent narrative over 33 years,” Mancini said, noting that this established storytelling style will continue the TV series; that should be implied recently Children’s play remake, with whom Mancini was not connected, will have no influence here. “I did it on purpose The cult of Chucky on a series of cliffs, Major cliffhangers, because I knew the TV series would be an ideal place to accommodate and delve into the consequences. So we start the series by presenting our new story, our new mile, and then we start introducing veteran characters into the story and it all comes together in a big showdown. “

Will you adjust Chucky? As a longtime fan of the series, I’m definitely excited to see what Mancini is up to. Chucky arrives in the U.S. and Syfy on Oct. 12.

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