Razer made slippers for World Snake Day


Just in time for World Snake Day, Razer has released a pair of slippers featuring Sneki Snack’s adorable mascot. For $ 49.99, they come with slip-resistant soles and plush insoles that the company says will keep your feet comfortable and warm during long gaming sessions. They are also made from recycled materials. Before you dismiss slippers as fair another unusual product from Razer, we’ll point out that behind them is a cool story.

Slippers are part of Razer’s breeding Snacks Snack. It all started with a doodle logo that one of the company’s designers drew for his newborn baby. As these things usually go, Razer’s fans approached the mascot and started using it in memes. Some even got tattoos with Snack Snack. It all eventually led to where we are today, and Razer released one Snack Snack product after another.

Early in the process, the company decided to cooperate Conservation International to donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale of Snack Forest Snack. The company claims that each purchase will help save 10 trees in countries like Costa Rica, Madagascar and China. Razer hopes to eventually help save a million trees. With every 100,000 milestones, the company has released a new product, Snack Snack. Previous releases include adorable plush “Optimized for cuddling” ia head pillow which “fits most game chairs.”

You can buy Snack Snack slippers at Razer’s website.

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