LG dual inverter air conditioner overview (LW1019IVSM): fast and quiet


It is almost impossible that you don’t like LG’s dual-inverter air conditioner (or if you want to call it by its official name, LW1019IVSM), especially with temperatures above 95 degrees in New York this summer. It cools my bedroom incredibly fast and doesn’t get extremely loud. And that’s smart. Before I enter my apartment building, I turn it on remotely so I can enter straight into some semblance of bliss.

OK, fine. I had to go to the hardware store to install it, in part because my windows are weird. But once I mounted a heavy thing, she kicked me out with icy blows.

The Ice Man is coming

It took me two days to install this AC unit. It’s my fault that I decided to mount it at 11pm, but it is no it is my fault that I soon realized that I would not succeed without some equipment. The specifications require double-hung windows of a certain size, which I have. But the center of the threshold is like a deep canyon. It is not flush with the inner sill, which meant there was no easy way to mount the included L brackets to make sure.

The fact that the instruction booklet has solution included suggests that this is not a rare problem. So the next morning I grabbed some plywood from a nearby Home Depot, sawed it into the right shape, and rolled it up to create an even surface. I screwed the L brackets onto the plywood and lifted the 63-pound thing into place with the help of my partner.

The rest was relatively easy. The manual is quite detailed and easy to follow; just be prepared for possible window burglaries. If you find yourself at your local hardware store, you can also download metal bracket instead of that. The AC will sit much safer (this could also be a requirement in cities like New York) and you won’t have to drill holes.

LG includes a good amount of foam and lining to close any gaps around the AC unit, but don’t expect the same level of sound blockage as when your window was closed. Beech he will leak (thanks, New York). It doesn’t surpass the sound insulation I’ve experienced Midein air conditioner in the shape of a shape, where the window descends much further, creating a smaller gap.

Cool Party

What exactly does “double converter” mean? A conventional air conditioner uses a single motor-driven compressor to remove hot air from the room, cold air in the chamber, and let heat out. Usually the AC voltage senses when the room is too hot and the compressor jumps to the maximum level and then shuts off when the room reaches the right temperature.

However, the LG AC has dual compressors and chambers, which allow it to adjust power. If the room requires only a certain amount of energy to cool the room, the engine does not have to run all the way. This makes the unit faster, quieter and more energy efficient. According to Energy Star, this unit uses 27 percent less energy from the American federal standard, and that I did Successfully maintain temps after cooling the room.

What you probably want to know the most is how good it cools to save you from the next heat wave. The answer is very, very good. After a particularly hot day of 94 degrees, this LG unit raised the room temperature from about 84 degrees to a pleasant 73 within an hour.

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