‘Cult Us’: The new book reveals why WeWork failed


MF: OK, this is not new at all, but I just … Schitt’s Creek she somehow got me through a pandemic. I was late for that, it took me a while to get into it, but it’s simply the best show ever. It’s so funny. It made me so happy and I wish I had never watched it so I could start over and watch it again, and I am so envious of people who haven’t watched it yet and can just jump in.

LG: Yes. Hard support. I also like that we stay here on the topic of real estate because they lose their home and then they are in a motel. Did you watch this Netflix special where they went behind the scenes at the end of the sixth season?

MF: I did not. Oh, I have something else to watch.

LG: Yes. It’s so good. Tears, yes. You have to watch that.

MF: Okay, that’s great.

LG: Eliot, what is your recommendation?

EB: It’s also not terribly new, but I recently listened to the Fiasco podcast, which is by a friend, a season on Iran Contra, about which I knew nothing and is completely fascinating. Where we were basically … I’m going to mess this up. We traded money for weapons involving Iran and the Latin American counter, and Oliver North and Reagan and a whole bunch of fun Senate hearings that were … This huge scandal, but really missed out without too much damage.

LG: And what’s the name of that podcast again? Did you say fiasco?

EB: Fiasco. Yes, it was discovered by a friend, Leon Neyfakh, who did Slow Burn Slate.

LG: Oh, Slow Burn is really good. It must be really good.

MC: Somewhere in the closet I have a Shred ‘Em Ollie bumper sticker. If you remember, everything was chopped up.

LG: Mike, what’s your recommendation?

MC: So, I want to recommend a streaming music platform called Mixcloud. I thought everyone had heard of this, but I tell people about it and I found that many of my friends have not heard of it. So, I will recommend it here on the show. You may know SoundCloud as a place where DJs have set their mixes for many years, so if you’re into electronic music or listening to DJs who release a lot of jazz, hip hop and reggae and the like, find a lot on SoundCloud for a long time. In recent years, SoundCloud has shifted its business model so that it deals more with people who create original works, and less with people who publish mixes, DJs and similar things. So a lot of DJs switched to Mixcloud.

Mixcloud has been around for almost as long as SoundCloud, but its platform is aimed at people who do mixes. And there is only a wealth of amazing things. If you love hip hop, if you love acid jazz, if you love soul from the 1960s, if you love constant rock, if you love the psy trance music of Burning Man, it’s all there. You can follow the tags to find people you like, follow them and see what they’re listening to. You get new recommendations. It’s a global community so there’s a lot of stuff from Europe, Latin America and Asia. It’s really wonderful.

It’s a platform, it’s free to listen to. There are paid levels, but you get a lot for free. That is my recommendation. If you’re looking for some adventures on sound hours on long journeys, check out Mixcloud. Lauren, what is your recommendation?

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