Trailer The Walking Dead Season 11: Rick, Commonwealth, Zombies



Yumiko is wearing Commonwealth armor.

Yumiko is wearing Commonwealth armor.
Screenshot: AMC

In The walking deadSeason 10, the main group of survivors in the series made their first contact with some people who are still progressing Commonwealth. It is a mysterious settlement that exists in a series of comics by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore and the main place of the main character Rick Grimes.

New trailer for The walking deadis the 11th and last The season looks back on the series ’humble, apocalyptic beginnings to remind you how far the show’s heroes have come in the days since the world fell into the undead, and what’s left of humanity has essentially fallen into chaos. In the comics, the group’s arrival in the Commonweath brings another ray of hope into their lives as it represents another chance to finally find a safe place to live away from the constant threat of walkers. But in a few brief insights announcing the upcoming season, you can already see how the mischievous sense of peace of the Commonweath will only intensify after the arrival of newcomers.

It’s obvious the biggest questions looming The walking deadthe eleventh season is how Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes will finally return to the story and whether his fate will be similar to his comic counterparts. But even if this incarnation eventually bites the bullet during the events of the new season, the larger franchise of the undead is not over yet, between the upcoming Rick-focused feature film, focused on Daryl / Carol spinoff series and a new anthology series separate from what has already been broadcast The Walking Dead: World Beyond and fear the Walking Dead. AMC still has a lot of stories about people fighting zombies in the audience store, but the vehicle that launched this franchise is coming to an end and it will be interesting to see how (and if) the show keeps landing.

The walking deadis final the season comes to AMC on August 22nd. Are you ready for the end?

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