The US consumer safety regulator is suing Amazon over the sale of dangerous products


Amazon’s handling of defective and potentially unsafe products is back in the spotlight. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is sue network retailer to force him to recall defective items that pose a security risk to customers. In filing the claim, regulators said they had warned Amazon of dangerous objects on their website, but felt their response was insufficient.

According to the CPSC, the defective goods include 24,000 non-alarmed carbon monoxide detectors, 400,000 hair dryers that did not have electric shock protection, and children’s sleepwear that could catch fire. The commission voted 3-1 to approve a legal appeal forcing Amazon to recall the listed products, notify customers who bought them and offer a full refund.

As stated in lawsuit, the trader has already taken some of these actions. Amazon has removed identification numbers for certain products, the CPSC said. The company also informed consumers who bought the goods that they could pose a danger and offered them compensation with gift cards on their account, the regulator noted. But the CPSC insisted that Amazon’s “one-sided” response was insufficient.

In a statement to Reuters, Amazon said it was “unclear” why the CPSC rejected its offer to expand its recall program, including products sold by third parties, or sued to force actions “almost completely duplicated” by those it took. The trader added that he removed the “vast majority” of the products in question from his store and ensured a full refund to customers.

“Today’s vote to file an administrative complaint against Amazon was a big step forward for this small agency,” said CPSC acting chairman Robert Adler. “But it’s a huge step across the vast desert – we have to fight how to deal more effectively with these massive independent platforms and how best to protect American consumers who rely on them.”

This is not the first time that Amazon has been convicted of distributing dangerous items. Last year, a CNN investigation of customer reviews on the site found 70 AmazonBasics items were associated with fires. Report for 2019 Wall Street Journal He also claimed that Amazon sells more than 4,000 items which the federal agencies declared insecure, which encouraged Senators to write to then-CEO Jeff Bezos for answers.

Last fall, the California Court of Appeals ruled that it was Amazon can be held responsible for damages and injuries caused by defective products sold on the independent market.

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