The Morning After: Microsoft introduces Windows 365, its Windows PC in the cloud



Windows 365, announced today at the Microsoft Inspire conference, it is a version of the OS that lives in the cloud. It’s a simple virtual machine that lets you jump into your own installation of Windows 10 (and eventually Windows 11) on any device, whether it’s a Mac, iPad, Linux device, or Android tablet.


This is not a completely new premise for Microsoft, with its Azure efforts offering virtual machines to businesses for some time. This should, however, greatly facilitate the entire process of managing a Windows installation on a remote server. You just need to go to when it starts on August 2 (not yet active), select the virtual machine configuration and you will be ready to go. That is, of course, once we know how much it costs. Final prices will be announced the day before the service starts.

– Matt Smith

The latest beta versions of macOS and iOS address the usual complaint about the new Safari.

The third beta versions of the developers for iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey started to be introduced today, and the key change is a set of updates from Apple’s browser. One of the changes to the beta version of macOS Monterey that we didn’t like was the removal of the tab bar, which made sorting your cards messy and tedious. However, with today’s beta release, Apple has returned a standalone card bar that will be enabled by default. Keep reading.

But no, you shouldn’t buy it.

HTC Vive Focus 3

Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

Although Oculus has played with major consumers, especially with last year’s Quest 2, HTC’s Vive has targeted enterprise and technology savvy. That strategy didn’t always work in Vive’s favor – take a look disappointing Cosmos headphones.

So, here are the $ 1,300 standalone headphones that are really only for businesses. Since it costs $ 1,000 more than the Oculus Quest 2, the Focus 3 isn’t surprising in offering better, almost everything. Except software. Focus 3 has a far more limited software library than Oculus Quest. While Oculus advocated for high-profile exclusives and popular games, such as An immortal father i Defeat Saber, The HTC VivePort store looks pretty empty and uninspired. It’s almost like it wasn’t created for you. Keep reading.

The price, at least, does not disappoint.

LG mobile OLED TV


It’s been a long time, but finally, LG has set a price for the US for its fantastic OLED model and reached six figures: $ 100,000 according to the company’s U.S. website. In case you forgot – it was announced a few years ago – the set uses advanced OLED technology to wrap itself in a stand-alone box. But hey, at least it makes LG’s very capable static OLEDs look affordable in comparison. The company will start in 2021 with a much more affordable $ 1,299. Keep reading.

Make your iPad work better for you.

iPad accessories

Valentina Palladino / Engadget

Are you ready to upgrade your iPad game? Or at least save that posh Retina screen from scratches and disaster? Valentina Palladino goes through all the options, testing keyboards, pens, cases and much more. Keep reading.

The company says this is due to policy changes it has made over the past year.

Twitter says it is getting better at moderating its platform. It is one of the main takeovers from the company’s latest transparency report, which it shared on Wednesday. Between July 1 and December 31, 2020, Twitter says it took action against 964,459 accounts for violent behavior. Compared to the first six months of 2020, that’s an increase of 142 percent.

The company’s increased action is apparently a result of policy changes made last year. In particular, he is said to have started the action on “content that provokes fear and / or timid stereotypes about protected categories.” Keep reading.

But wait, there’s more …

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