Here are the emoj finalists for Unicode 14.0


With just two days before World Emoji Day on July 17, Emojipedia has shared a list of draft characters The Unicode Consortium will consider final inclusion in Unicode 14.0. The list includes charming candidates like melted smilies, disco balls, beans and index finger in different skin tones. Not every emoji you see below will be a cut. However, once the Unicode consortium decides on the final list of candidates in September, the rest will head to your devices starting in late 2021 and during 2022.


As with almost , the draft list includes characters designed with diversity and inclusiveness in mind. In particular, you will notice that there are several new versions of emojis to handle. And that’s a big deal. , it was one of the few characters that you couldn’t change the skin tone, but after about two years of work it almost certainly changed with Unicode 14.0.

What is also significant about the above list is that the Unicode consortium has been working on it longer than usual. In 2020, the organization postponed the release of Unicode 14.0 . “This year, we simply cannot commit to the same schedule we have adhered to in the past,” she said at the time, noting that the pandemic has flooded volunteer authors, on whom she depends for her work around emojis.

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