Facebook payment buttons are coming to online stores in August


For almost two years, Facebook has been taking a big step to expand its payment platform. It’s a company announced plans to break out Facebook Pay from its own ecosystem to facilitate web transactions. Starting in August, U.S.-based customers will be able to shop from companies that run Shopify using a payment method. When you visit a supported retailer, you will see a Facebook Pay button that allows you to complete your purchase with a saved card or PayPal information.

In that sense, Facebook will draw attention with competing mobile and digital wallets, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Of course, each has a built-in audience based on the desired hardware, operating system or, in the case of Facebook, a social network.

So far, Facebook Pay has been limited on the company’s own platforms, including Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook presented it as a purposeful way to buy these apps, share an account with friends, send money overseas, and donate to charity. Expanding the reach of Facebook Pay online not only increases its convenience, but also fits into the company’s broader e-commerce strategy. In June, Facebook added support for QR codes on a payment platform, allowing users to send money to people outside their group of friends.

At the same time, it has integrated shopping functions into its wider social application ecosystem to take advantage of the transition to e-commerce. Facebook was introduced in May Shops who turn business pages on their main platform and Instagram into online store windows. Like Google and Snapchat before that, the company is also turning visual search to help people discover more products that can be purchased on Instagram. Not to be left out, WhatsApp it also got a buy button that allows users to browse the retail product catalog.

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