Bird’s Safe Start discourages drunk drivers from using his scooters



Birds has launched a new security check feature in the app designed for users not to unlock scooter rentals at night. The new feature, called Safe Start, will ask drivers who try to unlock a scooter to rent birds between 10pm and 4am local time to type a keyword into the app. This will serve as a confirmation that they are sober enough to be able to drive a micro-electric vehicle. Those affected by the feature will be advised to switch to other forms of transportation, such as taxis and driving vehicles.

Scooter-related injuries have been on the rise in recent years due to a growing number of companies renting vehicles. Back in 2018, Los Angeles had its own first conviction for hitting under the influence after a bird rider knocked a pedestrian to the ground and then tested his blood alcohol level more than three times the legal limit. According to a CNBC A 2019 report, the University of San Diego Medical Center admitted 42 patients due to e-scooter-related injuries that year. Forty-eight percent of patients had blood alcohol levels above the legal limit, and 52 percent in total were tested for illicit substances.

Rebecca Hahn, Chief Social Officer at Bird, said:

“Late at night, scooters and other microelectric vehicles provide a valuable resource for mobility for third shift workers, bar and restaurant staff and many others. A safe start is designed to help them and all community members be safe on the street by encouraging responsible riding and keeping scooters available. to those who truly need them. “

Safe Start is part of the company’s safety initiatives, which include a slip detection feature that takes care of irresponsible driving to alert users and even ban them if necessary. The new feature is currently being tested in the US, but Bird says it will appear wherever the company operates during the summer.

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