The Morning After: Testing an actual jet suit


It’s been a while since anyone could really say that the iPhone’s battery life is too short to spend it through the day. But despite the better retention power of the last few generations of phones, Apple still throws a bone at people who need more. The company presented its first MagSafe-compatible battery for iPhone 12, which lights up powerfully on the back of the device love magnetism.

Magsafe iPhone 12 battery


The MagSafe battery pack costs $ 99 at Apple’s store and contains a 1,460mAh battery – not even enough to charge the iPhone 12 Mini from the cold. But Apple says it will make up for what it lacks in grumbling by making Apple’s battery compatible with the Lightning charger. And it’s thinner than some of those chunky battery cases that Apple used to sell, even if sticking a white lump on the back of your phone will never look weird.

– Dan Cooper

Equal parts are exciting and scary.


Mat Smith

Maybe you dreamed that dream of becoming an Iron Man and flying in the sky without any worries about this world. Reality, as Mat Smith Smith of Engadget discovered, is much less romantic than you could have imagined. Before you are even allowed to tie yourself to an actual Gravity Industries jet suit, you need to make sure you don’t exceed the 210-pound weight limit. Then there is the ban on sportswear that is flammable and you cannot wear sneakers or jewelry while you are in flight.

Matt, however, overcame those obstacles and was wired and ready to float like the real Tony Stark. Aside from the fear of being blown up with nothing but a few huge engines tied to your body, the heat that these things threw out was immeasurable. Plus, for every foot you actually lift off the ground, you felt like you were flying over a tall building. Keep reading.

The response is to protests over the resolution of the pandemic.

Protests in Cuba, which began on Sunday, led the Cuban government to restrict access to social networks and messaging platforms through its state-owned Internet provider. According to NetBlocks, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram have been at least partially blocked on the Caribbean island since Monday. Reuters reports that people in Havana currently also do not have access to mobile data – the infrastructure was not introduced until 2018. Keep reading.

FXE targets a more experienced driver.

Zero motorcycles FXE

Roberto Baldwin / Engadget

Zero Motorcycles has been around for over ten years, constantly improving its family of electric bikes. With the new FXE, the company transforms its well-regarded (and fun!) FXS supermoto, making it something a little more futuristic looking. Roberto Baldwin was driving. Keep reading.

The payload sees two teams of 20 players fighting around a fleet of trucks.

Activision’s latest effort to keep players in a position on Battle Royale is a goal-based method called Payload Call of Duty: Warzone. As the first to play, the mission will be added to the rotating playlists as part of the Four Reloaded season.

The new mode was announced with an update on Thursday, July 15 at 00:00 ET and divides players into two teams of 20 each, who have the task of tracking or attacking vehicles transporting satellite parts. There is a time limit and you will be able to buy (or build) obstacles to obstruct vehicles. Keep reading.

Amazfit’s newest buds also contain ANC.

Amazfit PowerBuds Pro


Amazfit’s PowerBuds Pro. They are real wireless headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC) that can endanger up to 40dB of sound, with some new health monitoring functions. PowerBuds Pro uses an accelerometer to detect the sitting angle of the cervical spine, and if your neck is in the same position for too long, the headphones can remind you to make adjustments and improve posture. Yes, I bowed my head back as I wrote this. Pre-orders for the $ 150 PowerBuds Pro open on July 15th. Keep reading.

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