LG’s US OLED R TV which costs US $ 100,000



LG has bypassed the price of its rolled OLED R TV. As he noticed , the American website of the company now says that you can buy the set for 100,000 US dollars. Before that, LG not only didn’t list the price of OLED Ra in the US, but you had to . All that is between you and the company’s futuristic TV is the “Add to Cart” button and the cost of the deposit for the house in the bay.

For that amount of money you get a 65-inch 4K TV that can take up different viewing positions. In its signed “Line View” mode, only a part of the OLED Ra is visible, showing the time, weather conditions and other parts of the information. It is also possible to lower the screen to remove mailboxes while watching a movie. Other features include support for Dolby Vision, AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. And until the plate looks like , game content can still be output at 4K and 120Hz.

If you are looking for a more affordable entry into LG’s OLED TV ecosystem, the company’s line of 2021 starts much more affordable . Even his mid-range C1 family won’t bring you back as much as the OLED R, and the most expensive variant in that lineup costs $ 5,999. But then who are we to tell you how you spend money?

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